Sunday, January 23, 2005


Airbus A380

The A380 is an amazing plane. Just for fun, I looked up the stats on Howard Hughes' Hughes Flying Boat (commonly referred to as the Spruce Goose).

Spruce GooseA380
First FlightNovember 1947Not Yet Flown
Wingspan319 feet 11 inches261 feet, 10 inches
Length218 feet 8 inches239 feet, 6 inches
Height79 feet 4 inches79 feet, 1 inch
Weight300,000 pounds606,000 pounds

I think it is pretty amazing that the Hughes Flying Boat was bigger then the A380, and still flown with propeller engines.

Of course, I just watched the Aviator, so the Hercules and its massive size is fresh in my mind.
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