Monday, January 24, 2005


Averatec Enters UK

The Korean/US laptop manufacturer Averatec is apparently moving into the UK.

I bought an Averatec 3150P from Circuit City in Summer 2003. It was $900 for a 1.4GHz AMD Athlon based machine. What attracted me to it, apart from it being very good value at the time, was how incredibly light it was (4lbs). It also featured builtin wireless and XP Professional (not XP Home). It also has three USB ports, which is extremely useful, with the number of USB devices out there. Who wants a portable computer where you need to carry a USB hub as well?

I thought I was taking a risk, because Averatec had only just started.

Eighteen months later I can report that I have never had a problem with it. One time I contacted Averatec's email support line, to find out how to enable IIS without the XP Pro master CD, never expecting a reponse. To my surprise I quickly got an email back telling me where the XP Master was hidden on the computer's hard drive.

The keyboard is the weakest point of the computer, it's not very nice to use. But apart from that minor quibble I am very satisfied.

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