Sunday, January 23, 2005


The BBC's view of the Presidential Inauguration

Want to see a sneering superior liberal/socialist's view of the President Bush's inauguration?

Check out what Justin Webb from the BBC has to say here.

The BBC is supposed to be impartial but it's OK for its employees to sneer at anything to their right... which is most things.

"So the town was full of Texans who had come to show their solidarity with their adopted son [....]Texans are used to marshalling cattle, not being marshalled like cattle. They don't have many security checks in the lone-star state, so its population is a little naive when the time comes to be x-rayed and frisked."

Good for them! God forbid anybody, anywhere, should ever think it's normal to be "x-rayed and frisked".

"Texans need snacks. They are often very large and very hungry. But all fruit is forbidden at inaugurals - too tempting to throw it at the president and go down in history for the price of a rotten tomato."

If there were a large Rastafarian contingent at the inauguration, can you imagine Justin saying "they are often found smoking controlled substances"?

Our media position was really spectacular - perched to the left of the podium, probably no more than 50ft (15 metres) from where the president would stand.

Someone in the State Department obviously has a sense of humour. Where better to put the mainstream media?

"And of course, all of us there were photographed and monitored. I had to have entire handprints taken weeks ago and checked against various criminal databases in order to get my vantage point. Is this just a nuisance, or is it more? Is America's freedom being undermined even as the president proclaims it from the steps of the Capitol? Perhaps future inaugurations will take place in secure locations with a fake backdrop and a few TV cameras."

I'll agree with him here. America's freedom has never been more at risk than today. Too bad that Justin derides the most freedom-loving people in the nation as being overweight and wearing cowboy hats.

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