Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Best of British Pro-EU Bullshit

Today the British Home Secretary, Jack Straw called on patriots to back the new EU constitution.

Excuse me? How the hell can a patriot back a measure designed to remove his country's ability to self-govern and concentrate power in an unelected, corruption riddled body overseas?

If there were any patriots left in Britain they would be in the streets burning things right now. Too bad they're all at home watching satellite TV, reading the tabloid press and stuffing their faces with beer and chips (fries).

It's a good thing there weren't many people in the UK like Jack Straw the last time somebody tried to annex Britain. Back then, he'd have been hung for treason, along with Blair, Mandelson, Major, Howe, Heseltine and the rest of those scumbags.

Selling out your country to a foreign power for money or status is treason. Period. End of discussion.


Spot the difference:

"We'll negotiate a withdrawal from the E.E.C. which has drained our natural resources and destroyed jobs." - Tony Blair, Parliamentary Candidate, 1983

(EEC was the previous name of the EU, it originally pretended to be an economic - i.e., trading - community, rather than a political union)

[The European Union constitution will be...] "good for Britain and good for Europe" - Tony Blair, Prime Minister (and wannabe EU commission president), 2003

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