Thursday, January 27, 2005


Britain Can Be Proud

Crime is rampant; citizens are prosecuted for acting in self-defence; self-government has been surrendered, without a fight, to Brussels; public transport is the most expensive in the world, and the most unreliable; the Government is a laughing stock; schools turn out showers of uneducated yobs suited only to a life on welfare; thousands upon thousands of useless bureaucrats waste billions of taxpayers' money implementing rules and regulations dreamed up in Brussels and justify themselves with mission statements and glossy brochures; traffic congestion created by incompetent and malicious local authorities is at third-world levels; antibiotic resistant bacteria (MRSA) thrive in filthy state hospitals, making it safer to stay at home, even if you survive the twelve month waiting list to be admitted in the first place.

In one area, though, Britain can boast world-leader status.

Britain is home to the most prolific serial killer of all time.

Dr. Harold Shipman is believed to have killed 250 of his patients over a thirty year career.

The likes of Manson, Corll, Bundy, Gacy, Dahmer, Berkowitz, Neilson, Sutcliffe, et al, have nothing on Shipman, the most dubious member of the medical profession since Crippen.

I'm surprised the Government didn't give him an award for his contribution to reducing the strain on the National Health Service.


There are still some heroes in the UK though, like this guy.

A PENSIONER whose wallet was snatched in a Frimley Green shop survived a terrifying ride on the bonnet of the thief’s getaway vehicle.
The 67-year-old victim flung himself on the bonnet after chasing the bearded villain out of the One Stop store in Sturt Road on Sunday afternoon.
But the driver, an accomplice of the thief, ignored his pleas to stop and sped into Guildford Road.
The terrified pensioner clung on desperately as the Astra van hurtled over two mini-roundabouts before it slowed down, allowing him to jump off.
Two other people in a car chased the van but lost it in Buckingham Road.

This type of robbery is now so commonplace in the UK most people don't even bother to report it.

But this guy's reaction is not common. Jumping on to the bonnet (hood) of the getaway car? At age sixty-seven? Well done, Sir!

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