Monday, January 31, 2005


Dangers of Blogging

Ellen Simonetti was a flight attendant for Delta Airlines. She started blogging about a year ago as therapy after a death in the family. She posted some pictures of herself on board a Delta plane; when her bosses saw them, they fired her.

I also used to read a blog on Journalspace which detailed the colorful love-life of a young British girl. A while ago she posted something about a friend who admitted to having some STDs, including one which she (and I) had never heard of. Obviously, she didn't identify the friend, other than by gender.

Now, her blog has completely disappeared. It's pretty obvious why: if all your friends read your blog and you reveal something like that, common sense should warn you that there might be unfortunate consequences.

To preserve our everyday relationships at home and work, we have to censor ourselves. Blogging provides an opportunity to express ourselves free from censorship.

The Internet can give you a false sense of security and anonimity. There is no immediate feedback like you get when talking to a real person to assist in the self-censorship process.

Bit by bit the identifying details leak out and the next thing, a relationship you value has been irreparably damaged.

Having to self-censor is among the worst aspects of personal blogging, I think.

There are frequently stories/sucky things going on at work/whatever that I would normally tell friends but decide not to post on my blog, because you never know who is going to stumble across things.

Of course, Queen of the Sky posted semi-suggestive pictures of herself in uniform, on a company plane, which is a bit different then me not wanting to post some story about a co-worker being a jerk.
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