Monday, January 24, 2005


IBM Thinkpad G40

I have always admired IBM kit and recently got an opportunity to purchase an IBM Thinkpad G40 at half price through work.

It's absolutely excellent. It is double the weight of my Averatec, but is aimed at power users and developers instead of the Averatec's target audience of emailers and web surfers. Like the Averatec it had XP Professional preloaded.

It draws a lot of current. The power supply is almost the size of a house brick. It has the best keyboard of any laptop I've ever used, anywhere, period. It has a huge screen I can happily run at 1024x768.

I went for the 512MB upgrade giving me 768MB. I could have bought two 512MBs to give me a round 1GB which would have meant displacing the 256MB it comes with as standard.

It has four - yes, four - USB ports. A built-in 3.5" floppy drive which I have occasionally found useful. And a full-size parallel port so I can drive non-USB printers (there are still a lot around).

I was surprised that the hard drive was a relatively small (!) 40GB. I'll just have to rub along as best I can with it!

It feels bulletproof, robust and stable, almost 'battle ready'.

In six months, it has never put a foot wrong.

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