Thursday, January 20, 2005


A Job for Life

Back home in the UK, 2005 is going to be an election year. In the UK the voter has a choice - between two Socialist parties. There's no political discussion at all there. Fifteen years after the end of the cold war, the to and fro between left and right has been replaced by left wing homogeoneity.

In fact, due to the massive influence of the European Union, membership of which their own leaders conned Britons into voting for in 1973, the Government of the UK is now more or less irrelevant. They simply figure out how to implement policies dreamed up by their bosses in Europe, with occasional 'rows' staged for the benefit of the tabloid press, so the British public can delude themselves they still live in an independent country. Britain's tax rates used to be among the lowest in Europe. Now after eight years of that miserable bastard Gordon Brown, UK tax is at more or less European levels. (Tax competition's unfair, you see)

There are three groups of people in the UK who benefit from all this Government. The first is the vast army of work-shy scroungers, which exist on generous handouts from the taxpayer. The second is the enormous coterie of advisors, civil servants, consultants and various hangers on. And finally you have Government itself - the Members of Parliament. All six hundred and fifty nine of them. They rake in about sixty thousand pounds a year each, added to which they can employ their wives as 'secretaries', funded by the public purse, for a similar amount. They can drink 24 hours a day in the only bar in the UK which opens round the clock. They park for free in Central London and until recently at Heathrow.

But what do they actually do? They don't show up much in the Houses of Commons, that's for sure. Just watch the Parliament Channel! Tony Blair rarely shows up there - what's the point? MPs are meant to represent the interests of their constituents. But if that means upsetting their party bosses, and derailing the gravy train - well, they'll probably just write a stiffly worded note of protest instead.

If you can stand being ignored and irrelevant on the world stage and a laughing stock in your own country, being a Member of Parliament is a great living. Why else are there dozens of applicants for every position? And why, when they are caught in bed with some bimbo by the tabloids, do they fight so hard to keep their jobs?

So what does the British public think about this?

The average Brit is a moronic drunken lout whose horizons do not extend further than beer and football and the occasional violent outburst. He probably has a reading age of about ten. If he grew up in the 1960-1970s, he has been to a succession of Government schools where the 'child centred' philosophy of the Department of Education meant that there were actually no formal lessons. He has a strong sense of entitlement - to handouts for unemployment, disability, or whatever. He lives in a cramped, pathetic little house owned by a Housing Association. His neighbours are mostly unemployed. If he went to school in the 1980s, the complete absence of any discipline there has achieved the same effect as the absence of any teaching did in the preceding decades. Feral kids roam the estate outside vandalising cars, assaulting people, taking drugs and sniffing glue.

Brits think the Government should solve all their problems. They've been bred to this by sixty years of state Socialism, under both main parties. Socialism needs to turn people into clients who need Government to intervene in their lives. They identify oppressed 'minorities' to champion and 'problems' which need 'solutions'. After all, as we have seen, being in Government is a great living. Better than having to meet stockholder expectation or build something which works better than the competition.

As long as you can think fast on your feet, fake sincerity, and know who to brown nose, and have no decency or backbone, go into politics. It's a job for life.

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