Sunday, January 23, 2005


Memorable Taxi Ride

I recall a memorable yellow cab ride in a major US City a few years back. The driver and I got into a conversation about what it was like being an immigrant to the US. He was a real businessman, and wanted to wait around until after my meeting, and take me around my other meetings for the day, as he knew I was on an expense account.

I mentioned to him that his was the first cab I'd been in, where the driver wasn't separated from the back seat passengers by a floor to ceiling shield, which also stole all the rear legroom. The car had cloth seats, not the usual hard-wearing vinyl. Despite this, it was spotlessly clean inside and out and looked like new.

Didn't he feel a bit exposed sitting there? What about the 'crazies'?

"Oh, I ain't worried about 'dem!" he said, with a big smile at me over his shoulder. He reached over and pulled out a sawn-off shotgun from under the passenger seat and waved it about with a big grin on his face. "Not as long as I got 'dis!".


Years ago back in the UK I worked for a guy who had started his own business with a type of computer hardware product. He worked designing and building prototypes of this item during the day and drove a mini-cab (like a gypsy cab) during the night to keep himself in funds. Eventually, he gave it up because he was fed up with people who just threatened him with a knife and walked away without paying, or who threw up in the back.

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