Friday, January 21, 2005


Trump: Redux

Remember Donald's famous mantra: "I. Don't. Like. Excuses. You're fired!".

Check this out from his Casino operations:

Our Company faced many challenges in 2003, which impacted our operating results. A very stormy and cold winter with many major snowstorms made it difficult for our patrons to get to Atlantic City. A blizzard during the Presidents Day holiday weekend, historically one of the best performing periods, basically crippled the market. In the early spring, the market was affected by the Iraqi war. The second half of 2003 saw the opening of the Borgata, which initially drew many patrons away from the existing casinos. Our Marina property was further impacted by the fact that the return ramp necessary to get from the Borgata to the Trump Marina was not completed by the State until October 2003.

I'm being a bit unfair. Trump's not United Airlines or the British Government. I'm sure he employs top-quality people and his losses probably were unavoidable. But still worth including I think.

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