Sunday, January 23, 2005


Unintentionally Funny Headlines#1

Ukraine's Yushchenko Says He Wants to End Corruption, Join EU

From Bloomberg

Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said he aims to boost citizens' living standards, stamp out corruption and bring the nation of 47 million into the European Union after being sworn in as the country's third post-Soviet leader.

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Is it even worth commenting that joining the EU is a strange thing to do if you plan to eliminate corruption? It's like an alcoholic trying to reform by buying a liquor store.

The EU is so corrupt that for years their official Internal Auditors have refused to sign off their accounts. The whole edifice is corrupt from top to bottom; from the case of people at the top like Paul van Buitenen, the auditor who tried to throw a wrench into the machine and was sacked for his trouble;
Marta Andreasen who suffered similar problems; to the countless farmers who defraud the (itself fraudulent) Common Agricultural Policy.

Yushchenko worked his way to the top in a country where somebody thought nothing of having him poisoned with dioxin to try to eliminate him as a presidential candidate.

Maybe the sleazy bureaucrats, puffed up failed politicians, and other dirtbags, former communists, fraudsters and other assorted scum who run things in Europe are in for a shock!

Just looking at this lot makes me want to take a shower.

While you're here, check out the BBC's really unbiased and objective profile on the former EU President, Romano Prodi (sarcasm mine).

Illinoisians: You may think things were bad under George Ryan and the Illinois bipartisan machine. (Incidentally, I think the so-called 'corruption' here is small in scale and petty indeed). But if you're outraged by what Ryan has been alleged to have done... consider how you might feel if he was a Frenchman imposed on you from abroad that you didn't elect and cannot remove!

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