Thursday, January 20, 2005


Why Blog?

I like to think I have something to say. I read many blogs, and in a lot of cases, they are about as engaging as the contents of someone's shopping list.

Life rarely gives one the opportunity to vent. To maintain relationships at work and home, one is required to censor oneself. My blog's title is actually inappropriate. In a real gunroom, it was rare for any of those present to offer strong opinions - if you were going to be sharing a cramped space, bad food in conditions of extreme danger for two years it was as well to ensure you got along.

At age forty I think I have useful insights to offer. Certainly, I wish I'd known at age twenty, what I know now. I've made a lot of mistakes. The only way I can rationalise this is to say - if I can prevent somebody else making the same mistake, maybe it was worthwhile.

I'm not very challenged at work. Writing a blog means I can be hammering away at my keyboard when the bosses walk by instead of staring into space or surfing random websites.

I'm not posting any biographical details, save that I am forty, a British expat who has lived in Chicago for quite a number of years now.

Maybe other stuff will emerge in time.

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