Thursday, February 10, 2005


Brave New World

So the pharmaceutical industry has set up a pressure group,, to push for compulsory mental health screening for teens. There are a bunch of desperate-sounding denials up here

If you think this is too Orwellian, that this could never happen, that the Government will not carry out mental health screening on your kids and forcibly medicate them at your expense, look at what happened with vaccinations.

About forty years ago states began vaccinating kids against some of the terrible childhood illnesses like Polio.

Now, as anyone who's had a kid can tell you, the list of vaccinations kids receive today - at the parent's expense - is as long as your arm. It's state-mandated. Not compulsory? Only if you want your kid to be admitted to school.

What started out as vaccinating kids against one or two terrible illnesses is now a government mandated policy whereby kids are vaccinated against dozens of diseases whether their parents think that's a good idea or not.

The results? Numerous kids facing life-threatening food allergies, asthma, eczema, and of course autism, none of which anybody had ever heard of until the government started forcing us to pump live viruses into our children.

You would have to be unbelievably stupid - or work in Government - to believe that any benefits, including those of vaccinations, can be enjoyed with no associated risk and cost. Of course, as long as it's us who bear the risk and cost, who cares?

Try talking to any physician about this. They go glassy-eyed and trot out some lawyer-approved AMA bullshit.

And yet, spend an hour on the Internet and you will likely know more about the prevention and treatment of any given disease than most doctors. You'll certainly care more. They're only a couple of pages ahead of the man in the street at the best of times, and most of the time, not even that far ahead.

So don't think for a moment that big pharma wouldn't love for mental health screening to be compulsory, and for every kid in High School to be taking their psychotropic drugs. The shareholders would love it, too!

They're laying the groundwork now, getting legislators in their pocket, starting pressure groups like teenscreen, and getting people used to the idea.

Time for parents to take a stand now, before it's too late.

Wow - never looked at it that way.

But you are on to something. Look at how quickly a school will try to put kids (usually boys - who make their jobs hard be... being boys) - on Ritalin - the one drug on the market that has the strongest resemblance to cocaine.
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