Thursday, February 03, 2005


Chicago Handgun Ban Under Threat?

I was pleased to see today that The National Rifle Association has launched a drive for legislation to attack the City of Chicago's ban on gun ownership.

I personally do not own a gun and see no need to do so. But I object very strongly to politicians who tell me that I am not allowed to carry one, for personal protection, should I wish.

Rulers throughout history have imposed weapons bans on their subjects. But this is America, and we are citizens, not subjects.

Don't forget: the same politicians who lecture us about "gun control" go about their business safe in the knowledge that they themselves and their families are protected at public expense by paramilitary state troopers toting automatic weapons. Chicago Aldermen are explicitly exempted from the ban. That's called HYPOCRISY. H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y.

They're saying, in effect, "We're the rulers here. We are important enough to be protected by force of arms. You are our subjects, you will get whatever protection we think fit."

Considering the amount of time the socialist liberal elite devote to talk of 'equality' you would think that they would be all in favour of gun ownership. After all, what else will put a seventy year old war veteran on an even footing with an eighteen year old burglar?

In Illinois the village of Wilmette has a handgun ban. A citizen recently shot and wounded a burglar. This same burglar had already raided the man's home the previous night and had actually come back to take more items. The official advice was that the citizen should have locked himself and his family in the bathroom and waited until the burglar had finished helping himself. His reaction? "I didn't want my family to see me as a coward."

What kind of society says it's better to let your family be robbed while you hide under the bed than stand up and do something about it? (Answer: one run by that cowardly, gutless, lying, slimy toad-like dipshit, Tony Blair)

If anybody wants to live in a society like that where only criminals have guns, and citizens hide under the bed, they can always head over to the UK!

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