Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Choicepoint admits: we may have sold your personal data to criminals

Choicepoint is one of these data aggregators which are becoming a private version of big brother. If you live in the USA, they have you - every detail of your life and connections. You can read more about them here.

Government loves them because they aren't subject to the same restrictions that Government entities are.

So now the criminal fraternity has cottoned on, and has set up a load of fake companies to buy
personal data from them. More details here.

"We believe that several individuals, posing as legitimate business customers, recently committed fraud by claiming to have a lawful purpose for accessing information about individuals," [a letter from Choicepoint] reads. "You should continue to check your credit reports frequently for the next year."

The two-page letter offers details on how to spot fraud, but no additional information about the incident, or what information may have actually been stolen.

"ChoicePoint has apologized for any inconvenience this incident may cause," said ChoicePoint spokesman Chuck Jones. "But ChoicePoint has no way of knowing whether anyone's personal information actually has been accessed," or used to commit identity theft, he added.

You cocksuckers.
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