Friday, February 25, 2005


Click Here to be Horrified

I found out about the Parents Television Council when searching the Internet for information on my favorite TV program, The Shield. This groundbreaking cop drama has an impact like an airstrike, it's quite simply the best thing I've seen on TV in fifteen years.

So anyway ParentsTV.Org were complaining about the graphic violence, nudity, swearing, and so on, in The Shield. They provided a blow-by-blow account of all the (in their view) terrible things happening in each episode. What I found amusing was that in so doing they had inadvertently created a useful summary of, in my opinion, all the best bits!

Anyway, they've now gone further. If you want a roundup of all the stuff you should be horrified about on TV, as a public service, they now put video clips online just so you can check them all out and see what you should be getting indignant about. Enjoy!

I don't believe US Network TV could be much more bland than it is already. For example, when they show Dirty Harry, they actually edit out the bit where he says, "Get out of the way, Hammerhead!", presumably because it's offensive to hammerheads.

If they ever leave Dumpsville, TN, or wherever, and travel to Europe, I'd advise ParentsTV.Org to resist at all costs the temptation to turn on the TV. In the UK, you've got simulated gay sex in primetime, or a gritty Ken Loach drama where the dialogue consists entirely of four-letter words. In Germany porn is all-pervasive (presumably to give them something to occupy their minds other than world domination), and in Italy the prizes on gameshows appear to be a large number of scantily-clad women. And as for France, I'd advise anybody to avoid the country completely, as it's full of French people.
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