Sunday, February 06, 2005



According to This is London, the Jamaican police are looking to the former colonial power to help with the out of control crime they are experiencing:

Met's bid to end Yardie violence
6 February 2005

Desperate police and tourism chiefs in Jamaica have turned to a senior Scotland Yard detective as they try to stop Yardie gang violence raging out of control.

The Caribbean island, once considered a paradise on earth, is plagued by hijackings, kidnappings and feuds rooted in the cocaine trade.

Last year there were more than 1,500 killings and amid the mayhem there have also been allegations of extrajudicial executions by police officers.

I wonder how they think bringing Scotland Yard in is going to help with the situation? Possibly they plan to bore the gangsters to death with lectures on diversity.

Back in the UK, the new commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Ian Blair, has just drawn a line in the sand to show how he is going to bring law and order back to London- he has announced that the Metropolitan Police Official logo will change, as partially-sighted people found the previous one was too difficult to read.

I'm sure most partially sighted people in London, as they are picked off one by one by muggers, would applaud his innovation.

As for me, I would speculate that he will likely prove to be the most useless tosser ever to hold the position of Met Police Commissioner.

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