Thursday, February 10, 2005


Screwed Getting a Rebate Again

I recently posted about TigerDirect.Com and their fraudulent rebate site, ""

While putting together my cheap server I bought a USB Wireless card for it from CompUSA. I had to fill out and send in a rebate form. Yesterday night, I got a preprinted card from their rebate company which says that I apparently failed to submit some vital piece of paperwork.

I know I did submit everything they asked for.

Then I found this article on Tech Central Station. It looks like I'm not alone.

So I'll just never buy anything from CompUSA again.

I have encountered the same sort of problems in receiving rebates in the past (from CompUSA for one), but did have some luck with a Fryes store. They'd sent a mailer out a few years ago and one of the items advertised was a 17" monitor for $69. My wife and I decided to replace our original 13" monitors and drove over to the store. There were none on display and when I cornered a salesman he said he thought they were out and tried to show us several higher priced units. I kept after him and finally he admitted they might have one "opened box" unit in the back room. I told him to check for two as my wife wanted one also. He said it specifies in the ad only one per customer and I told him I was a customer and she was a customer, so bring one for each of us. Of course he had two in factory sealed cartons and did bring them out finally, but had obviously been schooled on trying to sell us a higher priced unit. It was one of those deals where you pay $109 and get a $40 mail in rebate. The lady that checked us out pointed out details on the rebate slip's fine print and told us to make sure we had it all just as they asked. We filled them out and mailed them in, and though it took almost two months we did actually get our rebates.
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