Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Dirtbags 'r' US

Remember Choicepoint, the company which likes to say 'yes' to identity thieves?

Great article about the company's dirtbag in chief on Yahoo. I think Yahoo stories expire unlike BBC, so some choice excerpts follow:

ATLANTA - ChoicePoint Inc. chief executive Derek Smith said Thursday he supports congressional hearings and tighter regulation of the data collection industry, if necessary, after revelations his company was duped into giving criminals access to its massive database of consumers' personal information.

His face drawn and eyes weary from two days of meetings in New York with large investors, Smith said in his most extensive interview to date that he is working around the clock to keep shareholders and customers from running away.

He said his company is investigating whether anyone internally was involved in the breach, but he stressed there has been no evidence of that.

"If we knew somebody had done something internally, we would tell you that," Smith said in the hour-long interview with The Associated Press.

Yeah - I bet you would! You only notified 5,000 people in California because the law required it. 38 state Attorneys General had to kick your sleazy butt before you notified the other 140,000 people

Smith said he believes his company is as much a victim as the roughly 145,000 Americans whose personal information may have been viewed by criminals.

Ahh.. the poor guys. You can't help but feel sorry for them! I bet Smith's details weren't compromised, and aren't up for sale.

"I wish we would have caught it sooner," Smith said.


He added, "The painful part for me is that our mission is being called into question."

Mission? Oh, you mean equipping anyone prepared to pay you money with the information they need to ruin citizens' lives and trash their credit.

ChoicePoint says its mission is to arm customers with information to verify that the people they are doing business with are who they say they are.

Too bad they don't seem to be able to verify who their own customers are.

The debacle also has spurred at least one lawsuit and could ultimately take a financial toll on the company. The company's share price has dropped about 10 percent since the episode was revealed.

Let's hope Smith and the rest of those cocksuckers are sued out of existence.

Finally, a classic:

But, Smith said he believes there is an important role that data aggregators like ChoicePoint provide in society.

"If you shut the information off, the people that will win is organized crime," he said.

Seems to me organized crime's doing fine now, with Smith's help
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