Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Encouraging News

Senate panel blocks Daley gun package

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Illinois Senate Judiciary committee voted down Mayor Daley's latest gun control proposals.

As I have mentioned, I think Daley is a great mayor. I don't belong to the 'bash Daley' tendency.

But I don't understand how somebody whose family and person are protected by heavily armed state police 24x7, the mayor of a city whose aldermen are all permitted to carry concealed firearms, can try to bring in laws to restrict gun ownership among the law abiding majority - the people who voted him into office.

How are gun laws supposed to reduce gun violence? The only people who obey them are, by definition, law-abiding, and therefore, not among those who are out committing gun crimes.

Look at the situation in Britain where nobody is allowed to own guns, but violent crime is out of control. Check out the BBC website any day to see what I mean.
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