Monday, March 14, 2005


Justice At Last

I posted a month ago about getting screwed by CompUSA's rebate provider. I discovered that companies contract with rebate providers based on how many rebates the provider guarantees to not pay out; in other words, the more crooked the scumbag rebate operator, the more likely it is to win a contract to manage rebates on behalf of a big box retailer.

Anyway I was pleased to read today how the FTC settled charges with CompUSA stemming from this type of sharp practice - the judgment refers to activities, taking place four years ago, though.

The fact I was screwed as little as a month ago shows that CompUSA has not changed its ways.

In future, whenever I apply for a rebate, I plan to send along with all the receipts, bar codes, etc., they ask for, a photocopy of same, with a note making reference to the FTC judgment and the fact that I have made a copy of all the things I sent them just in case anything gets "lost". Hopefully they will then move on and cheat somebody less well prepared.

I can but hope.
I photocopy everything we send in with rebates for precisely that reason.

I've had numerous ones kicked back (seems like more lately), only to eventually get the rebate when we can prove what was sent in.

It's all a big scam.
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