Saturday, March 05, 2005


Much Ado About Nothing

In the UK, the Government spends about 50% of the country's Gross Domestic Product. Since that weaselly little turd Tony Bliar was elected, about another 500,000 people have been hired to work for the Government or for any of the hundreds of Government agencies which regulate everything from who is allowed to do electrical work on your home to how many fish a fisherman may catch to the straightness of bananas in your local supermarket.

One of the biggest and most powerful agencies is the Food Standards Agency.

Like most Government agencies, it's stuffed full of people who would be otherwise unemployable (technically referred to in the literature as 'useless fuckers'). Their day-to-day activities include brown-nosing ministers, going on long term sick leave, sitting on committees, complaining about 'stress', writing reports nobody reads, suing each other for various forms of discrimination, and basically filling in time until they can get their gold plated pensions.

Occasionally they will start a food scare, just to stay "on the radar". This time they've decided that a dye commonly used in food (and bizarrely called "Sudan 1") can cause cancer. It probably does - if you eat 200 tons of it.

Everybody usually wins from these food scares - the news organizations can fill some air time, and the FSA pretends it does something useful.

But this time, they've gone too far. Apparently they've pissed off the Government of Sudan.

What is the point of the FSA? If I was unfortunate enough to live in Britain today, I'd be more worried about being murdered by a paranoid schizophrenic than the fact that there is a .000001% chance I might get cancer due to a food dye, in 40 years time.

Just out of interest I pulled up the loony attack statistics for the past three months. Check them out.

A restaurant worker had delusions his boss was secretly filming him and almost killed him in a frenzied knife attack, Luton Crown Court has heard.

A health authority chief has expressed "regret" after a report highlighted shortcomings in the care of a psychotic teenager who stabbed a neighbour.

A schizophrenic who tried to kill two women by pushing them off a Tube platform has returned to hospital after going missing for two days.

A convicted murderer kicked and punched a fellow prison inmate, breaking his jaw and four front teeth, in a row over bunk beds, Lewes Crown Court heard.
Paranoid schizophrenic Hakan Yagiz, 34, admitted causing Wayne Kingdom grievous bodily harm when he was on remand in Lewes Prison last October.

The widow of a pensioner stabbed to death by a schizophrenic man is angry that an official report has not blamed anyone for failings before the attack.

A 26-year-old Sunderland man is to be detained indefinitely after pleading guilty on the grounds of diminished responsibility to killing two friends.

A male nurse was beaten to death by a schizophrenic in a south London psychiatric hospital after being left alone with him, a court hears.

A police officer who risked his life to save people from a crazed knifeman at a bus stop in north London has received the Queen's Gallantry Medal.

Mental health campaigners have blamed flaws in the system for the fact that a schizophrenic man was able to walk out of a psychiatric hospital and kill.

Visiting the UK? Keep your wits about you!
Great minds think alike! writes about Sudan 1 today as well, see "Nanny Cries Wolf".
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