Tuesday, March 15, 2005



I'm spending a week at Software Development Expo in sunny Santa Clara. California is certainly beautiful; it's so green, and so bright and sunny. Beats freezing my butt off back in Sweet Home Chicago, where there was snow on the ground the day I left and everywhere you go there is a freezing wind which cuts you in two.

Chicago does have Santa Clara beat when it comes to affordable housing and traffic congestion though. The roads round Santa Clara are a permanent construction site, and a tiny two bedroom bungalow is about $500,000.

Yesterday there was an all-day session on Advanced .NET presented by Juval Lowy of iDesign. He is one of those Microsoft "Regional Director" fellows and gets to wear a shirt with his company logo on the tit. He is French and every time he took questions I was amazed how many different ways those guys can shrug. Sometimes with shoulders down, sometimes up; sometimes with hands up, sometimes down, and don't get me started about the potential combinations when you factor in whether his lips are sucked in or thrust out!

Today there was an interesting session on Windows Forms presented by Billy Hollis, whose site is the modestly-titled dotnetexperts.com. He sounds exactly like George Bush. It's really amazing. If you don't watch him it's just like you've got the President himself talking about extender providers and multithreading.
ahhh, would that be dotnetmasters.com instead of dotnetexperts.com for Billy?
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