Thursday, April 14, 2005


Blogger Woes

I am not the only blogger frustrated with how unreliable is

I prepare my posts in Notepad and then paste them in, because a lot of times, you will get an error thrown and lose it. The site's so well designed, after an error, you can't use the 'back' button to get your post back.

When you log in to blogger you see "Blogger News". It says "A problem with the problem page is being fixed" with a hyperlink. If you click that you get a 404. Great!

In other news, Blogger say the "recover post" feature which attempts to address the lost post problem has been taken offline because it doesn't work.

I have discovered a workround; normally I use Firefox and I suspect that it is your client side state which gets corrupted or invalid because once you see that server error, nothing on the site works any more. But if I switch to my almost-never-used Internet Explorer, I can create posts fine.

Google bought blogger, didn't they? These are the guys who make you sick with constantly boasting and bragging about how fucking clever they are.

They are all straight A, speak ten languages, give you the 13th root of a 200 digit number, went to MIT and Stanford but found it too boring guys.

In that case, why can't they make a simple site like blogger work?

1. Customer Logs In
2. Customer Enters Text
3. Text Saved In a Database
4. Somebody hits customer's site
5. Text is displayed with some formatting

Am I missing anything? If so it must be because I don't have a PhD from Harvard.
Blogger was an aquisition. Not really part of Google. I am guessing Google is not all that good at doing the "M&A" thing yet. Had they done that, Blogger would already sport the look and feel (and along that, the propsensity to use JavaScript for Every Fucking Thing).
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