Sunday, April 24, 2005


Safe Driving #5: Position For Safety

Ever thought about where you position your car on the road?

Or yourself in the car?

If you are about to carry out a maneuver, you might need to physically move your head round and lean forward to see if it's safe. Modern cars are so cluttered up with head restraints, huge thick window pillars containing airbags, and so on, intended to increase your safety in an accident, they make it harder for you to carry out the effective observation you need to avoid one in the first place!

If you are driving alongside a line of parked cars to your right, and it's safe to do so leave a gap in case a door suddenly flies open or somebody walks out into the road in front of you.

If you can't see the road ahead - the top of a hill, or a sharp bend, for example - you should position the car as far to the right as possible. If someone coming the other way misjudges the bend and ends up in the middle of the road, you then have more chance they won't collide with you.

Always stop at stop signs. But if you can't see whether the road is clear to go, because of parked cars or trees, you'll need to edge out very slowly, checking each direction as you go.
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