Tuesday, April 12, 2005


She's Got Balls

While the increasingly useless and discredited British Police spend their days asleep in vans parked on motorway bridges, raising cash like an arm of the Inland Revenue, citizens are exposed to all manner of attack should they venture out on the streets. If you manage to avoid the mental patients who roam the streets with impunity, there are plenty of good old fashioned muggers out to get you.

In this story the tiny Nicola Horlick, a high-flying City fund manager, was accosted by two thugs on a motorbike. Nicola rose to fame in the UK as a 'superwoman', with five kids, she still managed to become incredibly wealthy, fought back when sacked by Morgan Grenfell, and now runs her own investment firm. She also suffered the tragic loss to cancer of one of her daughters.

Anyway they bit off more than they could chew with Nicola. They threatened her with a handgun (hold on - there's a total ban on handguns in the UK! How did that happen?). With admirable pluck, she refused to give them anything, throwing her diamond ring into some bushes to prevent them getting it. They ran off, pausing only to pistol whip her.

Good on you Nicola! Why don't they sack the useless Ian Blair, and let you have a go at running the Met Police?

There was a statement from the Police about this event but I fell asleep while reading it.
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