Friday, April 15, 2005


The Shield Back on Form

My favorite cop drama of all time, The Shield, returned a month ago for its fourth season. It kind of lost its way in Season 3, and the early Season 4 episodes didn't look too promising either. That all changed this Tuesday with a kick-ass episode where the whole thing suddenly jumped right back on form.

Today I read on IMDB that the Parents Television Council has renewed its campaign against the program. On their website report in detail on what makes The Shield so appalling in order that their tiny handful of members can check out what they should all be getting virtuously worked up about.

As I've mentioned before, this is also a useful resource for Shield aficionados, as in so doing they inadvertently provide a summary of all the best bits of the show.

From IMDB:
Family Group Renews War Against 'The Shield'
Conservative activist Brent Bozell's Parents Television Council has launched a campaign to urge advertisers to drop sponsorship of the FX cable network hit, The Shield, which it said, "depicts the most explicit sexual content and nudity, obscene language, and graphic violence imaginable." The PTC pointed out that FX airs on basic cable, "which means that if you have a cable subscription so your children can watch The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon or The History Channel, there's a good chance they could have stumbled across this horrific content by mistake." The PTC urged members "to send a loud-and-clear message to FX and the show's sponsors that we're not going away until they either get rid of the obscene filth on this show, or stop forcing us to subsidize it." Producers of the program have pointed out that it airs at 10:00 p.m., that viewers are warned of the graphic content, that the program can be blocked with the V-chip and that cable subscribers can ask their company to block it at their homes.

As for me, I'd like to lock Mr. Brent Bozo in an interview room with Vic Mackey...

Roll on next Tuesday when I can get me some more of that "obscene filth"!
Yes! Even though I hate her character, Glenn Close brings a lot and the scripts have improved a bit this season. It really is a great show.
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