Monday, May 30, 2005


French Vote "No" To Union of European Socialist Republics

Yesterday in what is being touted as a historic moment, the French gave a decisive thumbs-down to the EU Constitution which, in France, was clearly being promoted as establishing a United States of Europe (in the UK the Government maintains the fiction the constitution is merely an administrative tidying-up exercise).

More details at the BBC. Disclaimer: the BBC, while ostensibly non-political, has a strong pro-EU bias.

My own view as a British Citizen who has the good fortune to be a permanent resident here in the USA on this memorial day is that the French "Non" is the most overhyped non-event in history.

There have been several previous referenda held in European countries. Whenever there has been a "No" vote, the governments simply hold further referenda until they obtain the desired "Yes" result. If the French do not do in fact do this, the UESR will still proceed, with the necessary legislation rammed through piecemeal by the various national parliaments, as has been the case up until this point.

The Socialist/Liberal Intellectual elite class which governs most European countries has decided to go ahead with "the project" and referenda like this one are held merely to give the whole process a fig-leaf of democratic legitimacy.

So, forget the shock on the BBC website (who could accuse Socialists of being in touch with reality, anyway?).

As far as the EU/UESR is concerned, it will be very much "business as usual".
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