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More Ramblings from the Euro Socialist Elite

I know, I know, I must stop reading the Daily Telegraph, because it is raising my blood pressure. And I'm living in the US now, thank God.

But I just came up with this gem from the lovely German Ambassador to the UK

Sixty years after the Allied victory over fascism in Europe, Britain is still "obsessed with the Nazi period" and "ignorant" about German history after 1945, Berlin's ambassador to London has said.

Thomas Matussek said that the countries were "drifting apart" because British schoolchildren were growing up with "dangerous misunderstandings" and were not taught "what Germany is about".

Well, Herr Matussek, I was born 20 years after the war ended, but I have read a lot of history, particularly relating to the 20th Century, and I think I have a pretty good idea of what Germany "was about" during that period, and having seen how the EU has festered since 1973 under its largely Franco-German leadership, I am fairly confident I know what you are about today.

At this time of year, mein Herr, I think you and the rest the pompous, puffed up, overblown Socialist windbags in Berlin should do us all a favour, and shut the hell up.

I'll finish with a story about the liberation of the Channel Islands from German control at the end of WWII.

They sang God Save the King when I unfurled the flag on Jersey
By Richard Savill in St Helier

Ronald McDonald pointed to the old Harbour Office window in St Helier, where he had raised the Union flag in front of cheering crowds 60 years ago.

On the day Jersey was liberated from five years of German occupation, the 86-year-old retired Royal Navy officer recalled how he had been the first British serviceman ashore.

"As I get older I may forget names in minutes, but the memories of that day, even I can't forget," he said. "Those crowds were the happiest people I have ever seen."

Today, on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Channel Islands, he will be presented to the Queen during her visit to Jersey and Guernsey.

It was on May 9, 1945, following the German surrender, that Surgeon-Capt McDonald and Sub-Lt David Milln, a German-speaking fellow officer, were sent ashore in a launch from the destroyer Beagle.

As they arrived the islanders set off fireworks and cheered wildly.

The two British officers, in uniform and without revolvers, climbed the 51 steps at the end of Albert Pier. There was no opposition from the 26,000-strong German garrison but at the top of the steps were three armed Germans.

"I told Milln to tell them to point their guns at the ground and amble off. We never saw them again."

He unfurled the Union flag at the window of the old Harbour Office, now the tourism office, alongside a Russian prisoner of war, who had escaped from Alderney. "The crowd burst into singing God Save the King."

Doesn't look like the people on Jersey were all that keen on being part of the project the last time you guys tried to foist an integrated Europe on us, does it, Herr Matussek? Marvellous.

Well, since you're so confident, what do you think is Germany about nowadays? Still marching to Paris and Warshaw every so often? Did I miss something?

Damn, who's playing the nationalist card here?

- A German
It's about imposing its creaking corrupt socialist government model on all the other countries in the EU (with - I am sad to say - the connivance of the governments of those countries)
Yeah, well then elect a new government and leave the EU if you think that's clever, or win a majority to oppose the German government's proposals within the EU.

"Creaking corrupt socialist" is still way, way, way different from a totalitarian, mass-murdering, fascist state, which the British yellow press is equating Germany to. And you're approving of it.
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