Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Why I love the USA

There's an election coming up in the UK tomorrow (May 5th)

What? You hadn't heard?

That's hardly surprising. Whether Tony Bliar's ruling Labour party wins a third victory at the polls or is defeated by Michael Howard's Conservative party is almost completely irrelevant.

My money's on Blur, incidentally. In the fifteen years since they unceremoniously and disgracefully sacked Margaret Thatcher, the woman I believe history will record as the last and greatest Prime Minister of an independent Britain, the Conservative Party has had four different leaders. It has been repeatedly humiliated at the polls, sometimes being beaten into fourth place behind single-issue parties like UK Independence which campaigns for withdrawal from the European Union.

When Margaret Thatcher came to power in May 1979 she did so promising to bring Britain back from the brink of economic extinction. 34 years of state imposed brain-dead socialism (whichever party was in power) had virtually turned the UK into a third-world country. Margaret Thatcher took on the whole socialist establishment, sent them away with a good kicking, and made Britain punch its weight as a world power again.

Her downfall came about because as a true patriot she wasn't too keen on surrendering Britain's right to self-government in favour of rule from Brussels. Those around her, unfortunately, saw the benefits (to them) of the uncontrolled corruption in the European Commission and forced her out.

So I have no sympathy at all for the plight of today's Conservative party. They had only self-interest at heart when they championed greater European integration in the late 1980s. UK politicians covet the uncontrolled cash, unaudited expenses, lavish salaries and vast gold-plated pensions enjoyed by European Members of Parliament and EU commissioners. A throwback to a better age, a woman of decency, honor, and strong principles, Margaret Thatcher would have none of it, so they stabbed her in the back and got rid of her.

The irony is that it really doesn't matter who wins on May 5th. Through various treaties and legal devices, most British law is actually made in Brussels and imposed on the UK without debate. The UK Civil Service (which has grown by 1,000,000 pen-pushers since 1997 under Bliar) merely implements directives imposed by Brussels. This process has been going on since the British were conned into voting for membership of what was then called the "Common Market" in 1973, thinking it was a free trade area. This is a superb example of two primary tricks of politicians: calling something one thing when it's another and "salami tactics" whereby things are changed little by little over time to make it easier to water down any dissent.

So the Conservatives are now they are reaping what they sowed in 1990. It will take them a generation before they achieve office again, if ever. By then, Britain will be no more than a collection of European regions, and the British Government, if it still exists, will be about as relevant on a global level as, say, the Peoria city government (and will have less actual power to influence people's lives, as well).

This also explains the pathetic level of what passes for political debate in the UK. Why would a Thatcher or a Churchill bother going into British politics today? Somebody of that stature is not purely motivated by greed and wants to be in a position where they can make a difference. That certainly isn't in the British Government.

So why do I love America?

Whatever their professed party affiliation, everybody in the liberal socialist elite that runs Britain is the same. Big government; state control; regulation; high taxes; surveillance; weak on crime; embarrassed about Britain's proud history. If Adolf Hitler was threatening Britain in 2005, there would be none of Winston Churchill's stirring "we will fight them on the beaches, we will fight them on the landing grounds, we will fight them in the fields and in the hills - we will never surrender"; Blair would instead invite him in, in return for free use of Berchtesgaden during the summer months.

But in America, for every big government socialist in Congress, there is a Representative Ron Paul (R-TX).

And thank God.
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