Thursday, May 05, 2005


World of the Bizarre

When I'm not lamenting Britain's fifty-year slide into irrelevance, or bemoaning the tenth-rate leadership of that nation, I'm reading

There's a story on there about walking penis Colin Farrell. According to seventy year old British actress Dame Eileen Atkins, the human sink-plunger spent a couple of hours trying to persuade her to go to bed with him, despite a 42 year age gap.

That got me thinking about the starlets I had the hots for as a youngster who are now getting on a bit in years, like Joanna Lumley.

Or take Joan Collins for example. She may have brought my preadolescent hormones to a boil when I caught an illicit glimpse of the late movie with her in it, but thirty years on, like the old warship the USS Constitution, although she still floats, there are probably very few original parts left on her. Similarly, while the boat is fine being sailed around Boston harbor on the 4th of July, were she to be caught out in the open sea during a midwinter storm, things might start falling off.
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