Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Jackson Verdict

So finally the circus is over, the performers are leaving town, and the tents are being removed from the lawn. Thank goodness for that. I personally had hoped Jackson would be locked up, so we wouldn't have to suffer a comeback tour.

Some people claim his wealth and fame helped his acquittal. He could certainly afford a top-notch defense team, which would be far out of the reach of an 'ordinary' defendant.

But nobody can say the state's case was marred by an inexperienced prosecutor or lack of resources.

On the contrary, DA Tom Sneddon, a strong moral figure and father of nine, spent millions of dollars and had 37 years of experience as a prosecutor to draw upon at the culmination of his 12-year personal crusade to bring Jackson down. In the end he gave it everything he and the California taxpayers had, and he lost.
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