Monday, June 20, 2005


No "Green Zone" in London

I was amused to see the following story in the London Times today.

Everybody knows DHL the international courier firm. DHL even offer a service to Baghdad.

But, they are refusing to deliver to certain areas of London, because it is too dangerous.

So much for 50 years of caring, sharing Socialism!

We dare deliver to Iraq, but Canning Town is out
By Joanna Bale
PARTS of Britain’s inner cities are so plagued by gangs of teenage criminals that a leading parcel company will not deliver there.

DHL was one of the first companies to set up in Baghdad after the fall of Saddam Hussein, but in Britain there are temporary no-go areas where its couriers will not venture.

Recently blacklisted areas include the Canning Town and Custom House areas of East London. Residents were told that they had to collect their packages because of the risk of couriers being attacked. Alan Craig, a councillor, said: “Gangs of kids with hooded tops are a huge bane on the lives of local residents.”

Matthew Zamoyski, a DHL spokesman, said: “These (Iraq and Britain) are very different cases. There are local security arrangements applicable in every country.”

Local service centre managers had a responsibility to safeguard their employees. “It’s a case of the manager talking to his driver and saying how do you feel about this?,” Mr Zamoyski said.

“He might say it’s getting a bit hairy out there and a decision might be made that it’s not safe.

“Mostly, it has been a case of threatening behaviour or people surrounding the vehicle and making life difficult.”

Attempts to steal parcels and DHL vehicles were also encountered.

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