Thursday, June 09, 2005


Not Much Activity

I haven't blogged much of late. A few weeks ago a good friend of mine died at the ridiculously early age of 56 from a heart attack.

Geoff was somebody I worked with at various times over the past ten years. I had a great deal of respect for him, as did everybody who knew him. He was one of the few scrupulously honest businessmen I have ever met. He kept a small business going through good times and bad for nearly twenty years.

Often when you go to a funeral, you hear the eulogies and wonder if you're in the right funeral. In Geoff's case, although people gave it their best, no words were adequate to do justice to the kind of businessman, father and friend he was.

So I count myself very lucky to have known him, and to have benefited from his wise counsel.

When I've had time to let all this sink in, normal blogging will be resumed!
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