Thursday, June 16, 2005

Over at Steve Eck's blog he mentions that after 20 years of feuding, Pink Floyd are going to play a couple of songs at Bob Geldof's "Live 8" concert in aid of the poor in Africa. (Or maybe Geldof's going to buy AK47's for the Zimbabweans being terrorised out of their homes by Mugabe's thugs as part of "Operation clean up the trash" - they'd sure appreciate it!)

Although I am from the UK and a rock fan I have to admit I am fairly unfamiliar with the music of Pink Floyd. The only song I really know is "We don't need no education" which struck me as shockingly anarchic when I first heard it as a private schoolboy in 1979.

It's ironic, really, as Pink Floyd all went to private school as well, and are, I suspect, shrewd businessmen first and musicians second... I knew the Pink Floyd drummer, Nick Mason, as the owner of the first Ferrari F40 in the UK back in 1988. It was the first road car capable of over 200 MPH. So much for no education!

So anyway I got hold of the "Echoes" album, a sort of "greatest hits", which had some interesting tracks with names like "Astronomy Domine" and the intriguingly titled "Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun".

My overall impression was that I would have enjoyed it more if it were playing in the background, and I was twenty years younger, drunk, alone with a chick, and possibly stoned as well.

As a 40 year old married father of one with another on the way, I have to say, and I know this will upset the fanatical Floyd types out there, I just kept remembering scenes from the movie Spinal Tap.

I think I'll stick to AC/DC, Motorhead and Deep Purple if I need to relive my youth.
Hey man - dont fuck with Floyd! Particularly if you have never listened to The Wall straight through while on shrooms (ok - that was in HS for me - but the flashbacks still come back from time to time).
I rest my case :-)
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