Thursday, July 07, 2005


Atrocity in London

37 people are believed dead and hundreds injured following four separate bombings in London.

Londoners will take this terrible event in their stride, which surprises people on the other side of the Atlantic. Given recent history, it should not. There have been many such attacks. Doubtless this will not be the last.

August 3, 2001: Car bomb in Ealing Broadway. Real IRA. No dead, 7 Injured.

April & May 2001: Incendiary devices exploded outside a postal depot in North London. Real IRA. 1 Injured.

March 2001: Bomb outside the BBC Television Centre in West London. Real IRA. 1 Injured.

September 2000: Anti-tank rocket fired at MI6’s headquarters in Vauxhall Cross, South London. Real IRA. No injuries.

Summer of 2000: Near Ealing Broadway underground station. Made safe by bomb disposal. Real IRA. No Injuries.

May & June 1999: Three Nail bomb attacks on ethnic & gay communities. Lone Neo-Nazi. 3 killed. Many injured.

April 1996: 32lb Bomb under Hammersmith bridge. Failed to explore. IRA. No injuries.

February 1996: Bomb destroyed a bus in Central London (killing the terrorist). IRA. 1 Dead. 10 Injured.

February 1996: Massive bomb at Canary Wharf, East London. IRA. 2 dead. 100 injured.

February 1994: On three separate occasions a number of mortar shells fired at Heathrow airport. IRA. No injuries.

February 1991-January 1994: 30 separate attacks in London including a mortar fired at Downing Street. IRA. 1 Injury.

April 1992: City of London bomb destroys Baltic Exchange. IRA. 3 Dead 80 injured.

1980s: Nine separate IRA attacks on London including Harrods department store. IRA. 6 Dead. 90 Injured.

1984: Machine gun fired from Libyan embassy. Libyan "diplomat". 1 dead (Police officer). 10 injured.

May 1980: Hostages taken at Iranian embassy. Iranian separatists. 1 hostage dead, 2 injured. All but 1 of the terrorists killed by SAS.

December 1974: Bomb in Harrods department store. No injuries.

September 7, 1940 - May 10, 1941. The "Blitz". Germans. Many thousands killed.

So we've had the Germans, the Irish (both Provisional and Real IRA), lone nutters, and now a rag-bag group of Islamist terrorists.
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