Tuesday, July 26, 2005


The End

You've probably noticed how my posting has fallen away to practically nothing. I'm probably going to drop this blog now.

I already mentioned about my friend Geoff who died a few months ago while visiting the US on business.

The night he died, he'd enjoyed dinner at the home of his business partner where he was also staying. About two in the morning he awoke and realised he was suffering a heart attack. We know this because he had the time to write a two-page farewell letter to his wife and kids before passing.

Nobody could understand why, since he'd had enough time to write a fairly long letter, he had not hollered for help.

Geoff had already lived enough to fill several lifetimes. He had the energy of a teenager but was unfortunately not in the same physical shape, the result of years of international travel, the stress of running a small business and his love of great food and drink.

My own opinion, is that Geoff knew that his future - should he survive the heart attack - would be very different. He would have undergone heart surgery and would have spent his remaining few years (because that kind of damage can never really be repaired) sat at home, an invalid. No travel; no business; a sparse diet of healthy food, before inevitably succumbing in the end.

So as at many other times in his long and eventful career he was faced with a major decision. Check out now, or check out later. And just like those other times, I think this shrewd man made the right one.

So what's that got to do with my blog?

When you're writing 'Opinion' pieces, you have to feel some type of passion for the subject. Since Geoff's passing I just don't feel it for any of the subjects I used to write about.

It's not that I'm depressed, or grieving, or any of that nonsense. But the types of things which previously bothered me and moved me to write, just don't anymore.


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All things have their season, but I'll miss your blog if you do drop it. All the best for whatever tomorrow brings to you.
I was sorry to hear about your friend Geoff.

I do hope you keep the blog though. Who knows, perhaps the motivation will find you again. Yours wouldn't be the first blog to be left unattended for extended periods of time.
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All things have their season, but I'll miss your blog if you do drop it. All the best for whatever tomorrow brings to you.
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