Thursday, July 07, 2005


Great Statesmen

Britain has produced some truly historical figures like Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.
Unfortunately they are the exception rather than the rule.

Consider, for example, John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister.

He used to be a waiter on cross-channel ferries before becoming a full-time union agitator. His appointment as Blair's Deputy was done as a gesture aimed at bringing all the old-guard communist Labour supporters onside.

Here's a picture of Prescott on the campaign trail in 2001. He is punching a passerby who had thrown an egg at him

Anyway, yesterday, he stood in for Tony Blair at Prime Minister's questions. This is where Blair or whoever is deputising for him sidesteps questions from the opposition and responds to 'planted' questions from his own side which are designed to show him in a good light.

Here is Prescott's (verbatim) answer to a question about people who were left off the electoral register (voter's roll)

"It is of great important to all of us to see the maximisation of people voting on these issues, if increased, and the postal ballots did increase the people actually voting by millions and, whilst there has been a lot of criticism, I’m bound to say you have to get the proper balance in these matters and that is one of the ways, without a doubt, you can get people voting in these elections."

Well, that's alright then!
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