Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Who says UK Government is out of touch?

The life of a UK Government minister is a mercurial one. They shuffle from post to post, spouting politically correct nonsense put together by their teams of spin doctors, gorging on the privileges and perks which are part of the job, lording it over their subjects before eventually being pushed out to a nice cosy 100,000 a year 2-day a week job as head of some Government agency like the Wet Fish Authority, or ending up on the Brussels gravy train.

Few ministers are in the jobs long enough to master their briefs, if, indeed they had the wit and intelligence to try, and anyway, if they did try to actually do something, Prime Minister "My Little" Tony Bliar would have them out of his politburo quicker than you could say Mandelson.

An exception may be Louise Casey, the Government's chief adviser on antisocial behaviour. There are signs that she may have carried her research into the role too far.

ASBO boss in 'foul-mouthed rant'
6 July 2005

The Government's adviser on anti-social behaviour arrived at work on Wednesday amid reports that she delivered a foul-mouthed rant to an audience of police chiefs.

Civil servant Louise Casey boasted of getting "hammered" and praised binge drinking in a speech which was peppered with obscenities, it was alleged.

Home Office permanent secretary Sir John Gieve this morning began an investigation into the Daily Mail's claims that Miss Casey made a series of inappropriate comments at a private event organised by the Home Office and the Association of Chief Police Officers in Stratford-upon-Avon on June 7.

Miss Casey, 38, was appointed by Prime Minister Tony Blair to head the Home Office's anti-social behaviour unit.

Last month she was told to report direct to the Prime Minister on the issue of restoring "respect" to Britain's streets, amid reports that he was dissatisfied with the performance of Home Secretary Charles Clarke on the issue.

The paper quoted from what it said was a tape-recording of the speech, in which Miss Casey was alleged to have said: "I suppose you can't binge drink anymore because lots of people have said you can't do it. I don't know who bloody made that up, it's nonsense."

She was quoted as saying that Government ministers might perform better if they "turn up in the morning pissed" adding: "Doing things sober is no way to get things done".

And the paper says she joked that she would "deck" 10 Downing Street policy advisers if they kept spouting jargon at her.

Miss Casey is responsible for encouraging the use of anti-social behaviour orders by police and local authorities clamping down on loutish behaviour.

One of the top priorities of Mr Blair's "respect" agenda is to reverse the tide of drunken violence blamed on binge drinkers in Britain's city centres.

It sounds like the lovely Ms. Casey (picture below) now has a full appreciation of her duties and is carrying them out to the full.

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